Bring Blockchain to Industry Standardization–Canada-China Blockchain Industry Alliance Established

CCBPA provides Canadian and Chinese blockchain developemnt enterprise with quality technical services, latest market information and a dynamic platform for idea exchanges, communications, and co-operations. It also fosters resource integration as well as the creation of new business opportunities. CCBPA hosts a variety of events to promote blockchain potentials and information exchanges between its members in Canada and China. Also providing information and consulting services to members, helps members to establish and promote their business with latest blockchain technology. China Electronic Commerce Association Blockchain China Professional Committee is under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, is the industry blockchain organization headed by the China Electronic Commerce Association, is mainly responsible for the application and development of the block chain industry. It is responsible for the development of the industry standard for the blockchain, technology research and development , Application in China. In order to build the blockchain global ecosystem to promote further development of this transformative technology, on 10.21.2017, the Canada-China Blockchain Industry Alliance was established with the partnership between CCBPA and China Blockchain Professional Committee.